Raleigh residents clean up, move out after flooding hits apartments

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — Monday, residents of Parkside apartments in Raleigh were packing up and moving out after flood waters destroyed their apartments.


Ryan Stickles was home with his girlfriend and 2-year-old daughter late into the night Saturday as the flood water was rising from Hurricane Matthew.

“I couldn’t really rationalize or reason what should be done or what shouldn’t be done. Just trying to figure out what was right for my family and me in terms of property loss versus potential loss of life,” said Stickles.

Stickles and his family made it out, but Monday was spent packing up their cars.

“We’re both missing work to do this. Just trying to finish this up as quick as we can,” he said.

Amanda Schwener, also had to call out of work to pack her home, but unlike her neighbors, she didn’t have a new place to move into yet.

“They just said ‘move out your stuff as quickly as you can’ so I’m just grabbing my stuff and never coming back,” she said.

Luckily for Schwener her brother was helping her move out what wasn’t destroyed by the flood waters.

“All this was mine. This is a sectional couch that is gone, the coffee table is gone, the rugs gone, it’s all pretty much ruined,” she said.

Schwener had renters insurance, but flooding was not covered, so many of her belongings are gone forever, but she is still keeping a positive attitude.

“I was going to have to move out eventually,” she said.

Many people were left with the same fate.

The parking lot of Parkside looked like a move-out day at a college.

Families were helping loved ones throw away destroyed belongings, and pack up anything salvageable as well as find new places to live.

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