Wilson begins to return to normal, even as some flooding lingers

Forest Hills Road and Downing Street was one of the hardest-hit intersections in Wilson.

WILSON, N.C. (WNCN) — Localized flooding has begun to stabilize in Wilson, officials say, after 130 rescues and evacuations over the weekend.

At one point during the weekend, more than 80 streets in the city were closed. By Monday afternoon, that had dropped to two streets.

“We were prepared for the worst,” said Rebecca Agner, the city’s communications and marketing director. “We were staffed up for the worst and we are lucky that the worst is behind us now and we can move forward. ”

Officials say that the intersection of Forest Hills Road and Downing Street near the Wiggins Mill Reservoir, which was one of the most flooded areas in Wilson, should be back to normal within the next 48 hours. Several cars were trapped in that area during the storm.

“We are projecting it to go down,” said City Manager Grant Goings. “Unlike some of our neighbors … that will have rivers cresting later this week. Wilson is probably past it highest point. We are going to focus our energy in trying to help some of our neighbors across North Carolina.”

Portions of the bridge on Lake Wilson Road were washed away by flooding, and many residents also suffered flooding.

“You go three days you are sitting up you don’t sleep you don’t eat and you just worry about what is going to happen and this is the result,” said Clifton Bailey, who had four feet of water run into his basement.

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