Lumberton man reunited with dog after being separated by flood

LUMBERTON — More rescue efforts are underway in Robeson County as thousands are being evacuated from their flooded homes. And that includes a few rescues of man’s best friend.

John Cantey couldn’t help but break down after fearing the worst about his missing dog.

“I left my dog there on Sunday, it’s no way to get the dog, I’m sorry,” he said.

But moments later rescue workers reunited him with a very familiar face.

“I thank these guys from the bottom of my heart,” he said. “It’s my son’s dog, I’ve been worried about him for the past four days.”

CLICK HERE TO SEE MORE LOST DOGS: FEMA crews work to reunite pets with owners amid Lumberton flooding

Thousands of homes have now flooded throughout Robeson County. Officials say there are many areas that search crews can’t get to because the water is just too deep.

More than 26,000 people are without power. At least 1,600 people are in nearby shelters.

Patricia Hunt said “it’s just so depressing to see this town like this. I’ve never see it, 40 something years, never seen it this bad.”

The Sam’s Club along Kahn Drive is the only gas station open in Lumberton.

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