NC State student’s startup gives video skills to help young people build careers

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — An NC State student’s startup is designed to give young people skills they can use to build a career.  The program, called the Malkuta Project teaches video production.

Founder, Nate Myers, explained, “It serves as a multimedia workforce development program where we work with teens, link them up with professionals,  teach them production skills, and actually work on real projects for real clients.”

Malkuta means empowerment and the N.C. State student came up with the idea while working at the Boys and Girls Club.

The idea is to empower  young people by giving them skills they can use in college or the workforce. The kids come from all different backgrounds and experience levels.

“There are a lot of kids out there who were talented – like amazing potential –  but may just not have access to certain resources, so I didn’t want that to be a barrier,” explained Myers, adding, “Ideally wanted to target teens primarily from low income homes but it’s open to all.”

The project just started in the spring, and the students have already produced videos for a several events.

Jerrel Davenport participates in the project.

“I  had never thought about putting camera work and media work into my average day job ,” he said.

Although he started with very little camera experience, Davenport now loves shooting video. He and other participants say they’re thinking of incorporating their multimedia skills into their future plans.

“It gives me hands-on experience with cameras which is eventually what I want to work with,” said Brendan Hoekstra who is considering film-making in college.

Samuel Finlay added, “It’s something that I really like doing and I’m going to keep doing it.”

N.C. Central University has helped the students by allowing them to use editing labs and computers, and the students say clients have been pleased with their work.

It’s a feeling of empowerment the Malkuta project is all about.

“Taking something you think you can’t do and doing it the best of your ability,” said Davenport.

Nate Myers eventually hopes to expand the Malkuta project nationally and even internationally.

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