Raleigh couple evacuates their new home, returns to find it burglarized days before their wedding

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — Forced to evacuate their house during Hurricane Matthew, one Raleigh couple returned to find their home had been broken into, just days days before they were supposed to get married.

UPDATE: Raleigh couple get married despite thieves and Hurricane Matthew hitting their home

Click for more images of Matthew and its aftermath
Click for more images of Matthew and its aftermath

After searching for a while, Tyler Ahrendsen and Shariffa Mattis found their perfect home, they said.

“We really wanted a place where we could entertain and host people and fill the space with great new memories,” Mattis said.

But it hasn’t started out that way. First a massive tree crashed during Hurricane Matthew, destroying their backyard

“We felt lucky, we were safe,” said Ahrendsen.


“We laughed a little bit we couldn’t figure out how the tree didn’t fall on the house,” said Mattis.

With transformers exploding around their house and exposed wires throughout their yard from the tree, they didn’t want to press their luck and locked up; leaving their new home to stay with their family.

But their luck did run out.

“Somebody did kick our door in and ransacked through our home and all of our belongings taking a lot of things, precious things to us, irreplaceable things,” said Ahrendsen.

“It feels dirty. It just feels like someone we don’t know and we’ll never see saw everything of us,” said Mattis.

Ahrendsen and Mattis say everything was stolen, including wedding supplies. The couple is getting married Saturday.

They says they never considered changing the date, and family and friends are helping make sure their wedding is just as amazing as it would have been before their home was broken into.

“The support from the community is unreal. If I tried to explain it I couldn’t put into words I feel like we’ve been made more than whole already,” said Mattis.

Thousands have already been raised, and donations including new wedding shoes and wedding party supplies are continuing to come in.

A GoFundMe page was started two days ago and has already raised more than $3,000.

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