Flood waters start to recede at Lumberton

LUMBERTON, N.C. (WNCN) — While many in Lumberton remain evacuated, some of the floodwaters have receded from the downtown.

Water is down in the Turner Terrace neighborhood, which dozens of families evacuated earlier this week. While homes and roads are still flooded, some neighbors are coming back to see what the waters left behind.

“Sunday morning when I walked out, I could touch ground,” said Joseph Taylor, of Lumberton. “Thirty minutes later, the water just started coming so fast, then by the end of the night, it’s at my porch.”

Thursday, Taylor went back to take a look at his apartment. He says everything is destroyed.

“Start all the way from ground zero,” he said. “It’s a disaster.”

After visiting Robeson County, Gov. Pat McCrory said he knows people in the area are suffering.

“I … saw people who are hurting right now and have no idea what their life’s going to be like today, tomorrow, much less next month, or next year,” he said.

Close to 12,000 power outages remain in the county.

Taylor said he’s trying to stay strong for his family.

“I’m just not showing it, but yeah, it’ll make you real emotional,” he said. “As long as my family is safe like I said, my mom, my whole family, that’s all you can be thankful for.”

Latrish Perry was lucky by comparison.

“This morning, when I opened this door, oh my God, I was so happy, I didn’t lose nothing,” she said.

There’s water in her apartment and an alarm going off, but everything else was fine, she said. She had been staying with a friend for a few days after evacuating.

“Ain’t nothing like your own home. I felt like I had lost everything, like I ain’t have nothing to come back to,” she said.

Thursday, she was packing her belongings up to move up.

“If this ain’t a wake up call to nobody, it’s a wake up call to me because I’m going this way,” he said. “They can go back, they can stay back if they want to, this is really reality.”

Lumberton is one of the poorest cities not only in the state but in the nation. Many there don’t have the ability to simply move.

Perry said that she took the flooding in her neighborhood as a sign from God.

“I’m not waiting,” she said. “I don’t care if it’ll be til 8 or 9 o’clock tonight, I’m moving everything.”

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