Ft. Bragg bans hunting, fishing along Little River citing risk of dam failure, snakes

FORT BRAGG, N.C. (WNCN) — Military authorities have closed an area along the Little River to hunting and fishing because of the threat from an unstable dam upstream and venomous snakes seeking higher ground.

The area, between Manchester Road and Highway 690, are “inaccessible and deemed unsafe,” officials said in a news release. The area is below Woodlake Dam at Lake Surf, which sustained a large hole during flooding from Hurricane Matthew. If the dam gave way, water would surge into Crane Creek and then into the Little River.


“Fast-moving water and bodies of stagnant water, some containing sewage and trash have been observed in the area,” the release said. “Additionally in the area there are snakes, many of them poisonous, seeking dry ground.”

When Moore County officials report the risk of the Woodlake Dam failing has dropped and the garrison commander gives the OK, the area will be reopened.

Manchester Road in that area is closed, and is being patrolled by military police to ensure compliance with that order.

Civilian authorities in nearby Spring Lake just reopened a separate stretch of Manchester Road after the East Manchester bridge was cleared by N.C. Department of Transportation engineers.

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