Trump campaign staffer says VA resources are going to NC

Donald Trump in a file photo from WNCT.

RICHMOND, Va. (WAVY) — Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump may be giving up on Virginia.

Trump is reportedly shifting his focus to other states. One of them, the constant battleground state of Florida, which is where he spent Thursday afternoon.

Several sources say the sunshine state, Ohio, North Carolina and Pennsylvania are more critical to Trump.

Campaign workers at the Battlefield Boulevard campaign office in Chesapeake call themselves the “silent majority that stands with Trump.”

WAVY’s Andy Fox asked John Fredericks, Co-Chair of Virginia Trump for President, about reports that Trump is pulling his paid organization out of Virginia.

“Look, campaigns divert resources based on timing and other things all the time,” Fredericks said. “This is a snapshot of what is going on all over the state. So, when you say we are pulling out of the state, we are the state, we are the volunteers, we are the campaign.”

Fredericks says Trump is not pulling out, but diverting Virginia resources to North Carolina, where polling shows Trump has a better chance to win than in Virginia.

“North Carolina has specific early turnout vote needs. We are going to take some of our resources, we are going to put them over the state line, remember North Carolina is a contiguous state.”

Those are volunteers, but what about actual paid staffers who work for the campaign? Are they leaving? Fredericks says 15 paid staffers from Virginia will go to North Carolina, along with a Trump bus. He insists 25 staffers will remain in the Commonwealth.

“I have had communication with Eric Trump [Donald Trump’s son] and I asked him specifically if the rumors we were pulling out are true. He said, unequivocally, we are not pulling out.”

What is clear, the Trump campaign thinks North Carolina is more winnable than Virginia.

“Of all the battleground states, Virginia is the toughest for us there is no question,” Fredericks said.

Hillary Clinton supporter Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe knows that, too.

“People don’t want a candidate who just goes around insulting people, and putting up walls, barriers in Mexico, no Muslims in our country — That is not who we are as Americans,” McAuliffe said. “Trump’s message didn’t work here.”

Andy Fox asked Fredericks about that sentiment that Trump’s scorched earth strategy during the campaign squandered a real opportunity to take down Clinton, who once polled at 11 percent when asked if voters thought she was honest and trustworthy.

“Sure, hindsight is 20/20,” he responded. “We are not electing the Pope. We are electing a president. We are in a time of crisis, jobs are going away, they are being shipped overseas.”

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