Man rescued from roof of car, another rescued hanging onto tree in Pender County flood waters

CURRIE, N.C. (WECT) — Emergency crews are flying, driving, and launching boats to rescue more victims after the Black River basin in Pender County worsened on Thursday.

Click for more images of Matthew and its aftermath
Click for more images of Matthew and its aftermath

There were two emergency rescue missions in the area on Thursday.

One man was stranded on the roof of his car as the floodwater rose around him. Soon after he was pulled to safety, his vehicle was completely submerged in water.

A second man was rescued after he was found clinging to a tree and three other people were evacuated.

Code Three, an animal rescue organization, has also started launching rescue missions to save animals left behind.

When it comes to larger livestock, Deputy Chief Scott Sills, with Pender EMS and Fire, said unfortunately all they can do at this point is lead the animals to higher ground.

“Due to the current we are not able to get them out,” said Sills. “We are looking for higher ground to get them to there.”


He said around 70 homes are flooded and flood water continues to creep towards dozens more.

“We saw a number that were totally underwater, up to the roof line,” said Pender County Manager Randall Woodruff. “It is going to take a lot of recovery for this area. It will go on months if not all year.”

Thursday, emergency teams conducted 15 missions, checking on each and every single flooded home. They spoke with 230 people who refused to evacuate.

“The level of destruction with vehicles homes and personal property is really just going to be one of the worst experiences Pender County has had in decades,” said Woodruff.

He said a FEMA representative is expected to be in the area tomorrow and they are hoping to get government assistance for individuals impacted by the flooding.

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