800+ homes damaged in Kinston flooding as families still wait to return home

KINSTON, N.C. (WNCN) — Lenoir County is still recovering from Hurricane Matthew as some streets are still flooded blocking people to get into their homes.

More than 800 homes and 100 businesses along the Neuse River in Kinston are likely to have some type of flooding damage.

“It feels bad. My heart is heavy. It’s heavy down here. I pray to God I can get into my house tomorrow to see if it got any damages or not,” said Cathy Murrell, of Kinston.

Flooding still remains on Lincoln Street in Kinston. 49-year-old Cathy Murrell left her trailer home Wednesday night as the local creek in front of her house started to rise.

She took what she could and some clothing and left everything behind.

“I feel like once the water reseeds because it is going down rather fast I can at least get in there by the morning to see if there are any damages,” Murrell said.

Murrell is currently staying with her sister, but is thankful her and her family are safe from the storm.

“Most of all I got my life. I can always get furniture and all other things. I can’t get no other life. I just thank God that we all got out in time and everybody is safe. We will start our recovery now … today,” she said.

The flooding on Lincoln Street stopped Greenville native Lynchristila Morning from getting to her job.

She hasn’t been to work since last Friday and is losing money to pay for rent, utilities and food for her family.

“I’m trying to stay positive but it’s kind of hard. All of the flooding and thinking about all of the people that are in a worse predicament then I’m in. It’s devastating,” Lynchristila Morning said.

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