Raleigh day care fires employee charged with child abuse

Tracey Stallings (CCBI)

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – A Raleigh day care fired an employee after she was caught on video abusing a child, the business said.

Appletree Daycare, located at 5105 Old Poole Rd., fired Tracey Stallings after she was charged with misdemeanor child abuse.

The charges stem from an incident involving a 1-year-old child, the day care said.

AppleTree owner Carolyn Driggers said the incident was completely unacceptable.

“We don’t tolerate this. You don’t put your hands on a child. Period,” Driggers said.

She said the incident was discovered late in the day October 12 as the assistant director was reviewing a video tape with another parent about a different issue.

When day care officials saw the incident on tape, it was near 6 p.m. They said they couldn’t do anything about the incident at that time due to it being close of business.

The next morning, Drigger said the day care immediately notified the Division of Child Development and Early Education and then terminated Stallings.

They then notified the victim’s parent.

Driggers said the mother would not have known of the incident if the school didn’t reported to her. But said they do not hide anything as it is not the way they do business.

Stallings passed a criminal background check and had a qualifying letter from the DCDEE, Driggers said.

Driggers said she apologized to the victim’s mother for what happened and was very sorry it happened in the first place.

Stallings had worked for Appletree for about a year before her termination.

Driggers said she has seen the video tape and is reviewing it with DCDEE officials. She said the child was not thrown against a bookcase but was “lead over to it in a manner that was not loving and nurturing.”

She will consult with her lawyer before releasing the video.

Stallings posted bond and is expected to appear in court Nov. 19.

A review of records by CBS North Carolina shows that the day care has had some problems before.

An inspection on June 28th found:

  • A child care provider did not complete and submit required forms to complete a criminal record check Prior to the expiration date of the qualification letter.
  • Two employees with expired background checks in March and April of this year had not submitted documentation for a criminal record background recheck.

An inspection on September 5th found:

  • An infant crawled out of a room and down the hallway unsupervised.

The daycare center has been routinely inspected 14 times and most of the inspections — like the most recent one conducted on September 20th — found no violations.

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