Dems not done campaigning in NC, Tim Kaine says

(Beau Minnick/CBS North Carolina)

DURHAM, N.C. (WNCN) – Democratic vice presidential candidate Time Kaine stopped in Durham Thursday where he said the Democrats aren’t done campaigning in North Carolina.

“I think this is about the fifth time I’ve been here since I was added to the ticket and I’ll tell you this: you’re going to be tired of me before November 8th,” Kaine said. “I’m coming back. Hillary Clinton’s coming back. Bill Clinton’s coming back. President Obama’s coming back. Michele Obama’s coming back. Joe Biden’s coming back. Because you are important and we gotta win North Carolina!”

Kaine spoke to a crowd at North Carolina Central University after being introduced by Duke basketball legend Grant Hill.

His visit comes a day after Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump sparred in the final presidential debate.

Near the end of the debate, Trump called Clinton a “nasty woman,” a comment Kaine said shows “who the real Donald Trump is.”

Kaine also so its obvious Trump doesn’t accept the peaceful transition of power.

“If we can win North Carolina for Hillary Clinton we’re gonna win the whole thing. We’re gonna win the whole thing,” Kaine said. “I’m very good at elections. I’m 8-0. You can beat me in Scrabble, but not in elections. I’ll be 9-0 on Nov. 8.”

Kaine’s visit comes the same day as the start of early voting in North Carolina.

CBS North Carolina will update this story as more information becomes available.

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