10 times normal amount of mosquitoes in Greenville after Hurricane Matthew

(AP Photo/Andre Penner)

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — The clean up process is underway and the storm leaves many developing problems.

Standing water left behind by Hurricane Matthew means more mosquitoes in the east.

The City of Greenville is working to reduce that insect population and want to make sure citizens are protecting themselves.

“We’re trapping maybe 10 times the mosquitoes as we normally would this time of year,” says Greenville Sanitation Manager Delbert Bryant. “It shows us that we may be able to provide some relief.”

More mosquitoes means a higher risk of diseases the insects transmit. Greenville staff is working to make sure hard hit areas are sprayed.

“We’re doing this throughout the city and right now we’re really concentrating on the areas that were flooded,” says Bryant.

Neighborhoods North of the river were sprayed on Tuesday, communities South on Wednesday evening. The machines used spray a very specific amount of the repellent to make sure residents stay safe.

“The droplets are calibrated so that we don’t put out too much chemical at any one time,” says Bryant.

Residents are also encouraged to protect themselves.

“Our citizens should take their own precautions with long sleeves clothing, insect repellent, use them according to the directions, and if you can avoid outdoor activities between the dusk hours and dawn,” Bryant says.

The staff plans to keep a close eye on the population and will spray until the bugs are no longer a threat.

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