Woman says dog sitter sold pups while she was in the hospital

Photo courtesy Ekemini Udho

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) –A local college student is feeling serious regret after using Craigslist in a time of need. Ekemini Udho says she trusted a man she found on the site to care for her beloved dogs while she was in the hospital.These days Udho finds herself watching videos of little Rosie and Bella over and over again.

“I just cry all day. I stay up all night just trying to find my dogs and I post pictures of them. I watch videos,” she said.

The memories are all she has left of the dogs after she says someone preyed on her trust.

“He seemed like a good guy and he seemed like he just wanted to help me out,” Udho said.

The UNCC student from Nigeria said she had a medical procedure scheduled requiring a two week hospital stay. She didn’t have the money to pay expensive boarding costs, so she said she reached out to the Humane Society and Animal Control to find help, but they told her she would have to surrender the dogs.

Unwilling to give them up, she said she took out on ad on Craigslist offering $250 to watch the pups.

“He said his name was Jared and he was interested in boarding the dogs for me,” she said.

Udho said she looked into the man online before handing the dogs over. She believed everything would be okay until he asked for more money and his excuses started coming one after another.

“I kept calling him and texting him and asking what was up and he told me his friend just got in a car crash,” she said.

Udho said communication stopped when the man blocked her number. And to her horror, she found out the man took out an ad trying to sell the dogs as his own on the site.

Udoh suspects the man was successful in selling her beloved dogs.

“I am still not closer to getting my dogs back because I don’t know who he sold them to,” she said.

CMPD said they do have a detective investigating the case.

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