Christ in Action group helping flooded homeowners in Goldsboro

Christ in Action workers at a Fayetteville home on Tuesday. Photo by Carleigh Griffeth/WNCN

GOLDSBORO, N.C. (WNCN) — In Goldsboro, hundreds of families are trying to get back on their feet after flood waters wrecked their homes.

Organizations like FEMA and the Red Cross are going through neighborhoods, helping folks where they can. Now, another group called Christ in Action is lending a hand.

Janice King is one of the eight homeowners that has gotten assistance from the Christian organization since Monday.

“It’s like rebuilding a whole new house,” said King of the work that her home needs.

King’s home was flooded by four feet of water from Hurricane Matthew.

Most of her possessions are ruined. Her house, now full of mold, has to be gutted.

“I mean it’s coming out in pieces, not like you’re moving a dresser. When you just, you know, when it’s crumbling in your hands,” said King.

She is at a loss — like nearly 400 other homeowners around Goldsboro.

“I’m a retiree living on pension. So, I don’t have money to rebuild. I just have to go from day to day,” she said.

King doesn’t have flood insurance and says she was denied assistance from FEMA. But then she found the group Christ in Action.

“We’re kind of the ‘Wreck it Ralph.’ We tear it apart; we take it apart so they can dry it out. And then they find people to put it back together,” said Denny Nissley, Executive Director of Christ in Action.

The volunteer-based group came to Goldsboro last week. They  have a list of about 20 more homes they’d like to work on.

“I think people are kind of in a daze. They’re not sure what to do,” said Nissley.

Gail Lincoln lives on a street where a dozen or so homes have been condemned, including her own.

“Even though it happened two weeks ago, we’re still very devastated by it, and doing the best we can. We haven’t even cleaned up yet,” said Lincoln.

She’s also getting help from Christ in Action, while waiting for a response to her flood insurance claim.

Lincoln is still living in her home too. She says she won’t leave until her mother, who lives down the street in another condemned home, leaves with her.

“We’re not going to be down forever, we’re coming back up,” said Lincoln.

Christ in Action is set up at Generation Church in Goldsboro with a mobile command center, kitchen and showers.

“The amount of work they’re doing and the amount of resources they’re bringing is more than our entire annual budget as a church. So, we’re blown away that we’re able to be a part of this,” said Josh Clark, Pastor of Generation Church.

If you need help from Christ in Action or want to volunteer, you can call (571) 358-9242 or email

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