Durham County volunteers being called in early to help with unexpected high voter turnout

DURHAM, N.C. (WNCN) — Volunteers are being called in earlier than scheduled to help with early voting in Durham County.

As of Monday, 33,298 people voted in Durham County, 4,087 more than the first five days in 2012.

Almost 19,000 people voted at South Regional Library in Durham County Monday, about 600 more people than the fifth day in 2012.

“They do need to have more poll workers out here,” said James Chavis.

He says that will cut down on the long lines at the polls. Chavis has been bringing elderly and disabled people to the South Regional Library for curbside voting.

On Tuesday, he waited almost an hour and a half.

“I know we have to wait, but it’s patience and virtue that’s our main thing,” he said.

“Curbside voting is a lengthier process when you vote, so there is a little bit of a wait,” said Kate Cosner, the Chief of Staff at Durham County Board of Elections.

She says there are 200 staff members to help at the polls, but some aren’t scheduled to work until Thursday, when more polls open.

She says the plan now is to call some of them in Wednesday to help with the unexpected high voter turnout.

“Voters are so eager to vote in this election,” she said. “This is a very powerful election for everybody.”

Monday, 7,606 people voted in Durham County, almost 1,600 more people than the fifth day of voting in 2012.

Kate says when all 13 sites are open on Thursday, voters should see a difference in the length of lines.

James says no matter how long the lines are during early voting, he thinks it’s better than waiting until November 8.

“Let us get out here now so we can make it easier for November 8 so our votes can count,” he said.

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