Edgecombe County Animal Shelter has an overflow of dogs after Hurricane Matthew

One of the dogs at the Edgecombe County Animal Shelter. Photo by David Grzybowski/WNCN

PRINCEVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) — Edgecombe County Animal Control officer Eugene Taylor has been busy since Hurricane Matthew.

His shelter is dealing with an overflow of dogs from the flooding in Princeville.

“You can’t deal with these victims and see the things that they are going through. They come in here crying because we saved their dog and thanking us for what we are doing and that kind of stuff.  It gets into your emotions at times,” Edgecombe County Animal Control officer Eugene Taylor said.

One of the dogs looking for an owner at the shelter is a hound mix being named “the little brown dog.

The dog was found walking around Main Street in Princeville when an animal control officer from Charlotte saw the dog following his car.

At one point during the week of hurricane Matthew the Edgecombe county animal shelter had over 150 dogs in their shelter. Normally this shelter only holds anywhere from 20 to 30 dogs.

People in neighboring counties have been offering help and supplies over the last two weeks. Jen Tymula drove an hour from Wake Forest when she heard about the shelter needing assistance.

“It’s horrible to see, but its great to know that we can come to help out when we can. We are going to collect a little more, apparently they are in need of a little bit more items. It’s such great what they are doing here collecting all of these animals from the floods,” Tymula said.

Currently, the Edgecombe County Animal shelter has 80 dogs in the shelter.

For more information on how to help call (252) 641-4112

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