Operation Blessing helping with 100+ flooded homes in Fayetteville

A mark on the wall shows how high flood waters got in Mae Jones' home on Waterless Street in Fayetteville. Photo by Nate Rodgers/WNCN

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) — Several charities, agencies and other groups have been working to assist families who lost everything from Hurricane Matthew.

It’s obvious from all the debris, that every single home on Waterless Street sustained significant flood damage.

Mae Jones, 83, says she grateful for help to get back on track.

“I know there’s a Lord somewhere,” Jones said.

The water line shows just how high flood waters grew in this area.

Jones has lived in her home for three decades.

In her kitchen now, mold is growing  on the walls. And in her bedroom, a leather coat  is  now covered with mold.

“Without them, I couldn’t have done anything,” she says about volunteers who have been helping her.

Operation Blessing is a non-profit disaster relief group.

Over the last three days, volunteers have been tearing out saturated walls and flooring in Jones’ home. They’ve also been working to salvage whatever items possible.

“We just find as we focus on helping people that are under insured, the elderly,” said Dan Moore of Operation Blessing.  “It really makes a difference.”

It will certainly be a long road to recovery for Jones.

She’s currently staying with her sister and other than salvaging a 60-year-old doll, most of her belongings are now destroyed.

Once all the debris is removed, Jones will still need help getting her home back to normal.

“I really don’t have no resources, I don’t know how I’m gonna have it done and I don’t know how I’m gonna be able to replace my appliances,” Jones said.

Currently, Operation Blessing is helping to clean out more than 100 homes in Fayetteville.

“Operation Blessing”

Need Help, Contact:   757 274 8650

Want to Help, contact:   757 374 0944

Website: www.ob.org

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