Man says Jesus told him ‘to get the demons out’ of woman

Christopher Hyler

AUSTINTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Things got heated in court Wednesday when a kidnapping and assault suspect started screaming about why he may have committed the crime he is accused of.

Christopher Hyler, 28, of Salem, appeared in court on kidnapping, felonious assault, retaliation, assault, escape and resisting arrest charges.

Hyler in court. (WKBN)
Hyler in court. (WKBN)

When the judge tried to read his charges Wednesday, Hyler claimed he didn’t understand.

“No, I didn’t do nothing wrong, Jesus told me to get the demons out of her. How am I in trouble?” he questioned. “Jesus told me to do it, what are you talking about?! To get the demons out of her. It’s not my fault!”

Jackson Township Police responded to the May Motel Tuesday morning after the victim, Hyler’s girlfriend, told workers at the front desk she’d been beaten so badly she couldn’t open her eyes.

“The eyes were black and blue, the body had black and blue marks all over, there was marks on her back that were bleeding, consistent with somebody that had been beat or whipped,” Chief Greg Taillon said. “She was unclear as to whether the assault happened that night or the night before. She said that she had actually been unconscious.”

The woman was rushed to the hospital and told police Hyler had attacked her. He was gone when officers arrived, but they caught him a short time later after he returned to the motel and couldn’t get back into his room.

Police stopped Hyler, who was driving his girlfriend’s car, along Route 45. They said he tried to escape by biting one of the officers.

According to police, Hyler left the woman behind and drove to court in Lisbon, where he was facing assault charges involving the same victim from July and August.

Those charges were dismissed when the victim, who was in the hospital recovering from Tuesday’s injuries, didn’t show up in court. Prosecutors say they could refile if the woman cooperates.

Hyler has a scar over his eyes that police say came from repeatedly slamming his head against a cage in the cruiser.

He is being held in Mahoning County Jail on $250,000 bond. Police fear he’ll try to retaliate against the victim if he gets the chance.

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