Library bond on ballot in Durham

DURHAM, N.C. (WNCN) — Along with voting for a president, governor, senator and other local leaders, Durham County voters are facing four bond referendums that would issue a total of $170 million in government debt for various projects.

Those referendums include $20 million to upgrade Durham Technical Community College, $14 million for a parking deck and improvements to the Museum of Life and Science, and nearly $45 million for the Main Library on Roxboro Street.

Durham County’s Main Library will get a renovation is the bond is approved.

The upgrade would include a new media center, larger meeting rooms for business training, and overall the building would be 20,000 square feet bigger than the current building.

It would take two years for the project to be complete, but the library’s director says it’s worth it.

“The library renovation for Main is really a transformation,” said Tammy Baggett-Best, the library’s director. “This is an opportunity for us to really be the library of the future.”

“As my children get older they will be technological resources that the library provides more and more and any influx of new books is always appreciated,” said Hilary Virdin of Durham.

The new library would be in the same location as the current Main Library at 300 N. Roxboro St.

If this bond is approved, library users will not have access to the main library during construction.

Voting for these bonds are happening now in early voting as well as during the general election on November 8.

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