Durham County to start assessing home values more often

Durham County will start assessing the value of properties more often to better account for quickly changing property values.

DURHAM, N.C. (WNCN) —  People living in Durham County could see their property tax bills go up in 2019.

County leaders have approved a shorter tax reappraisal cycle. The county will move from re-valuing properties every eight years to doing so every three years.

The exact affects of the move will vary with each homeowner.

Stan Filip has done everything he can to make the outside of his Tryeburn home look nice. Still, its value has gone down.

“We’re one of the few communities in this area that has not rebounded very much from 2008, 2009,” he said.

A recent appraisal pegged the value of his house as $530,000, nearly $100,000 lower than it was valued in 2008.

The city’s downtown is seeing the opposite effect, with new construction boosting the values of homes.

County leaders changed the valuation cycle in response to the rapid changes in property values being seen in the community.

The county tax administrator said that the more-frequent reappraisals will allow for more transparency. She also think the move will cut the number of appeals the county sees.

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