Officials give Halloween tips after Wake Co. mom found needles in candy last year

HOLLY SPRINGS, N.C. (WNCN) — Last year was a Halloween Ada Melendez and her family will never forget.


She found an object in her child’s candy bar. It wasn’t any easy decision but, the Melendez family won’t be celebrating Halloween this Monday.

“We are pretty much done with Halloween. We are gonna go to the zoo and just go hang out as a family and do something fun with the kids and hang out with them. As far as Halloween we are done with the whole celebration,” Melendez said.

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Wake County residents like the Nilsen family will be celebrating Halloween with their son this year. The family says they will be alert when going through each piece of candy.

“I think safety is going to be OK. It’s scary though. It’s every parents worst nightmare to open their kids Halloween candy and seeing something like that in it. I think you just have to be careful and double check everything that you kid is eating and be careful of the candy you are handing out too,” Matt Nilsen said.

 Holly Springs Police are aware of last year’s incident. Lieutenant Steve Brewington says the department is urging parents to pay close attention pieces of candy this Halloween.

“The proactive steps taken by the parents are the biggest key. It’s not a huge concern in this area. Last year was an extremely isolated incident,” Lt. Steve Brewington said.

“We are not expecting it to happen again this year. It’s hard to tell where that came from last year. This year just based off of last year, we are just urging parents to pay attention to each piece of candy. Inspect it very very well. If there is any doubt whatsoever throw it out.”

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