Little trouble reported at massive Chapel Hill Halloween party

Just part of Monday night's crowd. Photo by Amy Cutler/WNCN

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. (WNCN) — Approximately 25,000 people showed up to Chapel Hill’s “Homegrown Halloween” celebration Monday night – and only one arrest was made, police said.

One arrest was made in the closed area following a report that the suspect groped the victim.

Franklin Street was cleared of people at 11 p.m. and reopened to traffic at 11:36 p.m. after being cleaned by Town of Chapel Hill crews.

At the stroke of 8 p.m. the traffic was stopped and the barricades moved into place. Franklin Street became the site of one of the area’s biggest Halloween parties.

Tens of thousands of people fill Franklin Street each year for the event which costs the town about $200,000.

The emphasis over the last two has been making the event more family friendly.

Back in 2014, the town says 29 people had to be transported to the hospital. To prevent that, Chapel Hill restricted traffic to downtown and had 200 public safety officers on hand.

Orange County Emergency Services treated four people at the event. Three were alcohol-related and the fourth was a medical issue that police did not specify. One of the alcohol-related incidents resulted in the person being taken to UNC Hospital, police said.

There were also checkpoints. No alcohol was allowed into the event.

“We come out every year. We really enjoy this. We’re glad they put it on every year,” said Gretchen Gochenauer, who was dressed as a mermaid.

Police say they expected a smaller crowd out here this year because it is a Monday.

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