Tim Kaine talks policy during 2 NC stops

(Beau Minnick/CBS North Carolina)

SANFORD, N.C. (WNCN) – Democratic vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine held two rallies in North Carolina Monday while making one stop in Sanford.

Kaine’s message Monday was making sure people in North Carolina know the importance of early voting.

Not just to get your ballot cast, but also because it gives them actual data on how the election is looking in North Carolina.

He reminded his supporters why he says Donald Trump is not the right choice for America.

“He’s gone after Mexicans. He’s gone after Muslims. He’s gone after LGBT Americans. He has said the most vile things about women over and over and over again and not just his words. He describes how he treats and acts toward women,” Kaine said.

North Carolina is one of a few states that could clinch the election for Hillary Clinton, according to Kaine.

He did not directly address the recent news about the FBI reviewing emails linked to a Clinton aide but a demonstrator in the crowd, before being escorted out, brought it up.

Kaine also talked policy, saying Clinton knows how important a strong military and a strong economy are.

He reminded the crowd not to take anything for granted in this election.

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