Princeville residents still recovering from Hurricane Matthew’s devastation

Photo by AJ Janavel/WNCN

PRINCEVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) — Weeks after Hurricane Matthew hit, Princeville is still hurting.


Many residents just got back to their homes within the last few days and are now just starting the clean-up process.

Dozens of people still line up at Red Cross trucks daily for the only food they will eat that day.

Everywhere in the town the streets are trashed with what were once people’s lives.

“(We) talked about Johnson convenience store and Johnson mini mart picked two or three names and never decided,” said Melvin Johnson, who had planned to open a store before Matthew hit.

Johnson has spent the last three days cleaning out what was supposed to be his new convenience store business.

He makes his money as an electrician, working towards his dream of running the store.

But this is the second time a hurricane has destroyed the building he built and he tells me he’s giving up on Princeville.

“I wouldn’t have sold it for nothing buy now I will,” Johnson said.

He and more than a hundred other people who live in Princeville took their concerns to the town hall meeting– where disaster assistance officials answered their questions.

Officials say as of right now, it’s too early to tell if buy outs will be an option.

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