NC family says screws, blades found in Halloween candy

(Ben Williamson | WBTV)

BESSEMER CITY, N.C. (WBTV) – One family from Bessemer City got more of trick than a treat when they went to enjoy their Halloween candy after they took their young daughter to Long Creek Meadows subdivision to Trick-or-Treat Monday night.

“I mean, she almost got three pumpkins full in this one subdivision. It was an eventful night,” said Katie Smith.

On Tuesday, the family said they noticed a piece of candy with a slit in the wrapper. When they broke it open, they found screws and a razor in several pieces of the candy. The father even bit into a piece with a screw inside.

“A little puncture hole in it and that is when we first noticed it,” said Smith. “That is a trip to the emergency room waiting to happen. The scary thing is, is that it is all different types of candy.”

The couple went through each piece of candy looking for any signs that it had been tampered with.

“I finally said, ‘I have had enough and we are just going to throw out everything,’” said Smith. “It just blows my mind that someone would be this cruel on a day that is supposed to be happy.”

The family took the candy to the Gastonia Police Department and the officers took a report. Gastonia police say to always inspect candy before your children eat it, especially if you do not attend a controlled celebration. They encourage anybody that deals with something like this to report it to police.

“If I could find the house that did this? They would have a piece of my mind. This could have seriously injured my kid,” said Smith. “I mean this takes time, this is not just something like a random piece of candy. I mean, these screws are cut in half.”

The Smith family said they will not allow this to ruin the holiday moving forward, but may change how they approach celebrating it.

“I am going to look at more controlled environments. Possibly trunk or treating. Look at what cities have going on publicly, like at the square,” said Smith. “It is something that irritates me that I have to do, but if it is something that will keep my kid safe then that is something I must do.”

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