Some Durham officers to take patrol cars home

DURHAM, N.C. (WNCN) — Some Durham police officers are now able to take their patrol cars home, a policy change the department hopes will discourage crime in the city’s neighborhoods.

The program is only available to officers who live within the city limits.

Officer Brian King is one of six Durham officers to have a personal take-home patrol car. When his shift is over, the car gets parked at his apartment complex.

“The moment I step outside my front door, I’m ready to go for anything that might happen,” he said.

Officials hope to assign another 28 cars by June and another 34 cars within two years.

He believes the change will cut response times, as well.

And neighbors say it’s a boon for them, as well.

“Knowing that a police officer is living here, I think that is comforting,” said Liz Clevinger, King’s neighbor.

“For one, I think a lot of the people out here that do dirt, and do crime, are afraid of the police, and other people just don’t care,” said another neighbor, Ramelle Smith. “But for the most part, I think it’ll make people aware who do crimes to stay away.”

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