Clinton rallies voters in Raleigh

Clinton speaks at a rally Nov. 3. (CBS North Carolina)

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — Campaigning with erstwhile primary rival Bernie Sanders and music star Pharrell Williams, Hillary Clinton stumped for votes in Raleigh on Thursday.

“Tell me North Carolina, are you really, really, really happy that we’re here tonight?” the Democratic presidential candidate asked, alluding to William’s well known hit “Happy.”

Sanders told voters that he support’s Clinton’s position on important issues.

“There is one candidate running for president who has pledged to raise the minimum wage to a living wage, and that is Hillary Clinton,” he told the crowd.

Clinton talked about her plan to tackle student debt, including allowing people to refinance their student loans.

She said her opponent Donald Trump has only proven that he wants to divide the country.

She also reminded the crowd that excitement will only go so far without votes in the ballot box.

“We get excited about what we can do,” she said. “But, of course, we can’t do anything if you don’t get out and vote and get everybody you know to vote.”

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