Federal officials to monitor Cumberland County voting

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) — Federal agents will be inside polling places on election day in five North Carolina counties, including Cumberland counties.

Cumberland County Board of Elections Director Terri Robertson said she has no clue why federal monitors will be here on election day. More than 61,000 people have already voted in Cumberland County. Robertson says she hasn’t received any complaints of voter fraud or intimidation. The Department of Justice has not said why Cumberland County will be monitored.

News of the federal presence comes days after the NAACP filed a lawsuit claiming thousands of voter registrations were illegally cancelled.

“I question the timing but I do think it’s good,” said Fayetteville resident Sandra Morrisey. “Tell me why, because someone has an issue with that, we need clarification.”

But reaction from voters was mixed.

“I think it’s a crock,” said Fayetteville resident Dianne Fanning.

Fayetteville resident Dianne Fanning was not impressed.

“They’re just trying to make something out of nothing,” she said.

Local NAACP president Jimmy Buxton, in contrast, said oversight is good

The State Board of Elections says this is a common procedure in a federal election year. It’s not clear which precincts in Cumberland County will be monitored.

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