Inspection boosts Garner fire rating, could lower residents’ insurance bills

Officials say a better fire rating for Garner could cut insurance rates. (CBS North Carolina)

GARNER, N.C. (WNCN) — A new insurance inspection ranking has boosted the rating of Garner Volunteer Fire-Rescue, a move that should lower insurance rates for nearby residents.

The new rating takings into account the area’s response times, but also factors such as the water system, communications, firefighter and officer training and other items, said Garner Fire Chief Matt Poole.

“This is really big for the Garner Fire Department,” said Wake County Commissioner Matt Calabria. “These ratings are their report card.”

In the past, the department faced a number of issues, including low salaries that encouraged turnover and an increasing number of calls. Last year, the department responded to 5,000 calls.

Over at Diamond Cutz barber shop, Vince Hembrick has five chairs and spends lots of money on overhead like water, electricity and taxes.

“Overhead can get really high and every little bit helps,” Hembrick said.

And others are just glad to hear that the fire department is doing better.

“It’s good,” said resident Terry Hill. “It makes you feel really secure.”

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