Alamance County GOP headquarters vandalized

BURLINGTON, N.C. (WFMY) – Republican state officials say the GOP office in Alamance County has been vandalized.

alamance GOP headquarters-0_320_240

Pictures show the word, “Republican,” on the banner outside the office, blacked out with spray-paint.

The suspect also spray-painted the letters “NA” on the glass door and a third photo shows “F*** Trump YESSIR” on the outside wall.

“This is deeply troubling to our Alamance County GOP members and volunteers, but even more so, this is troubling for our nation. As Chairman, it is my hope that we can be an example to the world that this behavior is unacceptable, and it will not deter us from the noble responsibility we have to live and vote in the freedom that has been given to us,” said Alamance County GOP Chairman Ben York.

The Burlington Police Department says officers were called to the location at 2659 Ramada Road in Burlington Friday morning.

Investigators documented the damage to property.


Surveillance video captured an image of the suspect but police say “the video was not very clear.”

A still shot of shows someone dressed in all white with a hooded top.

The vandalism comes after the Orange County GOP headquarters was firebombed in mid-October.

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