Congressional candidate caught in gun battle

Catherine Ping (WISH | Catherine Ping campaign)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — 7th District Congressional candidate Catherine Ping was caught in a gun fight Friday afternoon.

Ping said a stray bullet when through her back windshield and lodged in the front of her car.

She said she “felt her hair ‘puff’ as the bullet just missed her head.” She was not injured in the shooting.

According to a campaign spokesman, Ping was driving in the area of 38th Street and Emerson Avenue.

She said she turned into the middle of a drive by shooting.

Ping doesn’t feel like she was targeted.

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department said officers think people in two vehicles were shooting at each other and Ping was caught in the crossfire.

One victim in the shooting was shot in the shoulder and was taken to the hospital, police said.

Ping, a Republican, is looking to take Andre Carson’s 7th District seat. Libertarian Drew Thompson is also on the ballot.

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