Colonial Pipeline restarts following explosion, gas shipments expected to reach NC soon

HELENA, Alabama (WNCN) – The Colonial Pipeline has been restarted and returned to service following an October 31 explosion.

The company said the line was restarted at 5:35 a.m. CST but it could take several days for the fuel supply chain to return to normal.


Earlier in the week, a crucial pipeline that delivers fuel to the state exploded. It is the same pipeline that had leaked earlier in the year, causing fuel shortages in several southeastern states, including North Carolina.

Colonial Pipeline, which runs the pipeline, said Saturday afternoon that the damaged line should restart on Sunday.

Gov. Pat McCrory said as long as the pipeline opens this weekend, the state shouldn’t have a gas shortage.

The large pipeline, which transports gasoline from the Gulf Coast to New York City, exploded Monday while a crew was making repairs related to a September gas spill.

Shelby County Deputy Coroner Lina Evans said Anthony Lee Willingham, 48, of Heflin, Alabama, died in the blast. Four other people were injured and remained hospitalized.

Here is part of a statement from Colonial on Saturday afternoon:

Following removal of the affected segment of the pipeline Saturday, installation of the new segment commenced and was successfully completed today.

The U.S. Energy Information Administration said Tuesday that shipments of gasoline are expected to reach parts of North Carolina within the next day or two.

Gasoline is expected to reach as far north as Charlotte,North Carolina within a day of Line 1’s restart. Gasoline shipments on Colonial’s system are expected to reach as far north as Baltimore, Maryland, by Tuesday and to reach their northern terminus in Linden, New Jersey,near New York Harbor, by Wednesday…EIA’s weekly retail price for regular gasoline for the Lower Atlantic (PADD 1C) was $2.17/g as of Monday, Nov. 7, virtually unchanged from the previous week, and 6 cents/g below the national average.”

— The Associated Press contributed to this report

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