Ex-Duke student makes first court appearance in felony rape case

Jeffrey Yoh in a police mugshot.

DURHAM, N.C. (WNCN) — A rape case involving two college students, one who went to Duke and the other UNC Chapel Hill, is moving forward in court.

On September 15, former Duke student Jeffrey Yoh was arrested and charged with rape and assault by strangulation.

Duke University Police say the incident happened on October 16 of last year in an apartment on Duke’s campus.

The university says an arrest took almost a year because there were a number of agencies involved and they wanted to do a thorough investigation.

On Monday, the case went before a judge to discuss the evidence that has been collected.

“Before that, you just know that your client has been charged with something,” said Joe Cheshire, the defense attorney. “After that, you get an idea of exactly what it is, so you know which way to move, and things that you need to do, the things that you need to discuss with your client and with the state.”

Yoh is no longer a student at Duke.

The Yoh family has donated millions of dollars to Duke and has a football center named after them.

Yoh will be back in court at the beginning of next year.

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