Last-minute Election Day preparations underway

DURHAM, N.C. (WNCN) — Throughout North Carolina poll workers and other groups are gearing up for Election Day.

Democracy North Carolina is sending teams to watch for voting problems on Tuesday.

The nonpartisan voter advocacy group located in Durham has already fielded more than 1,500 calls to their hotline.

“The primary thing I think is really to make sure that people that want to go out and vote, that are registered to vote don’t have any impediment to casting their vote,” said Rob Pocahapsky, a Durham attorney who will be watching the polls.

Democracy North Carolina will have volunteers at polling places wearing yellow and black shirts. More than 1,000 poll monitor volunteers will be wearing yellow shirts and the legal dispatch teams will be wearing black shirts.

“For the first time we are dispatching hundreds of legal experts, election experts and legal dispatch teams who will be in regions all across the state to help people with patterns of problems happening at the precincts on Election Day and help people with voter intimidation if it does emerge tomorrow,” said Jen Jones, communications director at Democracy North Carolina.

Elections board officials in North Carolina are monitoring for any possible problems at the polls.

They talked about what voters should if they feel threatened before casting a ballot.

“If anyone feels threatened or intimidated out of their polling place tomorrow we strongly encourage them to bring that to the attention of the precinct official. It is against the law to threaten or intimidate a voter,” said Nicole Shumaker of the Wake County Board of Elections.

“It is also against the law to disseminate incorrect information or misleading information to voters,” she added.

Voters should know that photography is banned at the ballot box.

“You cannot take a picture of a ballot. You cannot take a picture of a voter casting their vote. You cannot take a picture of the ballot box. Absolutely no photography is to be used in the voting enclosure,” Kate Cosner said, interim director of the Durham County Board of Elections.

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