SC kidnapping, murder suspect confessed to unsolved 2003 quadruple murder, sheriff says

Todd Kohlhepp (left), Sketch of Superbike murder suspect (right) (WSPA)

SPARTANBURG, S.C. (WSPA) — The man accused of kidnapping Kala Brown and her boyfriend Charles Carver is also responsible for another major unsolved case from 2003, according to Spartnburg County Sheriff Chuck Wright.

Todd Kohlhepp admitted to murdering the four victims from the 2003 Superbike case in Spartanburg County, Sheriff Wright said.

On Saturday, Sheriff Wright says that Kohlhepp confessed to the killings and gave details that no one else would know.

The news came just hours before the 13th anniversary of the case.

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The killings occurred at a motor sports business in Chesnee. Four employees were gunned down by an assailant who left investigators little to go on.

The 13th anniversary of the unsolved crime is Sunday, November 6th.

Kala Brown was found on Todd Kohlhepp’s property on Thursday, chained up and in a storage container.

A body was found in shallow grave on the property.

Kohlhepp was taken back to his property on Saturday and he showed deputies where two more graves were located, Sheriff Wright said.

Sheriff Wright said they hadn’t confirmed there were bodies but that they would be excavating.

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