Bigger, brighter supermoon coming

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – It happens about every 28 days – a full moon.

But the full moon Sunday night into Monday morning is expected to be bigger, brighter and downright super.

When a full moon makes its closest pass to the Earth for the year, it is called a supermoon.

This moon is especially super this time because it will be the closest moon to the Earth since 1948.

The moon won’t be this close again until 2034.

The moon will appear up to 14-percent bigger and 30-percent brighter when it makes its closest pass to the earth at 6:22 a.m. Monday.

So what does “30-percent” brighter actually mean to you and me?

“Thirty-percent brighter could be like stepping closer to a spotlight or a car headlight. It’s going to be bright enough where you might want to do something outside. I’m not sure if you want to play a round of golf or something like that. But, you might be able to take a walk without the aid of a flashlight or anything along those lines,” said Dr. Noah Petro of NASA.

Viewing the moon will be easy – any time after sunset Sunday night and even after sunset on Monday night.

The difference between the two days will be very subtle.

NASA is encouraging people to share their supermoon photos with #NASASupermoon.

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