Family mourns Durham teen mom who died after being hit by truck

DURHAM, N.C. (WNCN) — The family of a teenage mother killed Friday in Durham needs help to bury the young woman.


Nickeya Cureton, 18, died after a U-Haul truck veered off North Roxboro Street and hit her as she walked home from work.

“I’m not able to afford to bury her,” mother Dina Cureton said. “I ask if anybody could help me bury her and put her away respectfully, I would appreciate it.”

Dina  Cureton said she was at home, caring for her eight-month-old granddaughter Sa’Nala, when one of her daughter’s childhood friends knocked on the door and told her about the collision.

She said Sa’Nala was waiting for mom Nickeya to come home and calling out for mom.

The driver of the U-Haul truck who police say hit the young woman, John Geiser, is charged with misdemeanor death by vehicle and failure to maintain lane control. He posted a $5,000 bond.

“That shouldn’t be the charge.  He killed a girl. An innocent young girl. That’s a mother. She just got off of work,” Dina Cureton said.

“All she wanted was to be a mother to her daughter, and get a job, and finish her high school. She had one year of high school left,” Cureton added.

Nickeya Cureton started working this summer at Biscuitville on North Roxboro Street, just a few hundred feet from where she was hit.

There is not a sidewalk on that side of the road. The collision happened in front of Pelican’s SnoBalls, which was not open at the time.

Dina Cureton said her daughter normally walked home from work.

During the walk, which is less than a mile, Nickeya usually stopped at a store on Friday paydays in order to buy a gift for Sa’Nala, Cureton said.

“She even started a little bank account for the baby. It wasn’t much money, but she started putting a little money in there, like $20, when she got paid,” the grandmother said.

Cureton plans to raise her granddaughter now. She wants to be the one to tell Sa’Nala about Nickeya, when the girl gets old enough to understand.

“I want her to know that her mother was a very forgiving mom.  If anybody had done something to her, she forgave them,” Dina Cureton said.

However, Cureton said she doesn’t know what feelings Nickeya would have about forgiveness for the driver of the vehicle who police say took her life.

She said her daughter would want justice.

There were balloons, candles, and stuffed animals at the site of the crash on Saturday.

Cureton and her granddaughter drove by to see, and she said the items show her the love others have for her daughter.

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