Fayetteville’s Special Forces Association looks to rebound from Matthew’s damage

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) – The National Headquarters for the Special Forces Association in Fayetteville suffered severe flooding during Hurricane Matthew.

Workers at the Special Forces Association headquarters said the facility could never be the same following the devastating impact of Matthew.

“No one would have ever thought that this place would have flooded,” said James Parker with the Special Forces Association.

The headquarters is a national hub for at least 10,000 special forces soldiers was submerged after waters from the nearby Rockfish Creek rose more than 40 feet during Matthew.

Most of the buildings on the property off Doc Bennett Road took in at least four feet of water.

“As water rose, wood floats, it turned over all that stuff on the floor for a week or so before we could even get in,” Parker said.

Many decades-old artifacts including original letters and magazines tracing back to Vietnam were destroyed.

The 50-year-old compound is used for various events, including meetings, picnics and other gatherings.

“Hopefully, some younger people that come along and go through Special Forces, will keep this going on for ever and ever,” Parker said.

So far, investigators estimate about $500,000 in flood damage.

The Association is now working to salvage what little bit of their history they can.

“Hopefully with the new electronic devices, some of the stuff, photos and documents can be brought back up,” Parker said.

The Association set up a GoFundMe account to raise money for the redevelopment.

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