Durham elections board votes to hold second hearing on request to recount 90K+ votes

DURHAM, N.C. (WNCN) — The Durham County Board of Elections held a hearing Wednesday morning on a request to recount more than 90,000 votes following the election.

The governor’s race, which has Democrat Roy Cooper leading Republican incumbent Gov. Pat McCrory by approximately 5,000 votes, is front and center in all of this.

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In a 2-1 vote along party lines, the Durham Board of Elections voted that there is at least probable cause to move forward with a second hearing on the matter. That hearing will be held on Friday morning.

Tom Stark, attorney for the state Republican Party, issued a subpoena to Durham County asking for audit tapes, the impacted memory cards from Election Day and access to a machine to check results.

The subpoena also asks for records of people casting votes at Durham voting sites and number of people casting provisional ballots. That subpoena will go to the Durham County Board of Elections interim director.

Stark had earlier filed the recount petition. He did so as a registered voter in Durham, not as the attorney for the NCGOP.

Stark referred today to six electronic memory cards that contain ballot data that the county was unable to read.

Instead, the county manually entered the votes from a tape log off the machine.

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Stark questioned how they know those tape logs weren’t corrupted.

“My reasoning was if you have a question, you double check it. This is an election. This is an important election. We want to know what the real total is. I think everybody does,” Stark said.

Gov. McCrory got to pick who leads the elections in each county and he picked two Republicans and a Democrat for Durham, so it’s his own party that’s making decisions about voting in Durham.

“This is a community that has a large population of African-American voters and it doesn’t seem fair to a lot of us that our votes have to be counted twice in some cases,” said Durham City Councilman Charlie Reece.

There’s also a State Board of Elections investigation into hundreds of absentee ballots in Bladen County.

The next step is another hearing into this matter on Friday. That’s the same day that counties will report their overall results to the State Board of Elections.

Then, we will see at that point if Gov. McCrory will request a recount.

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