UNC students rally to raise awareness about sexual violence

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. (WNCN) —  UNC Chapel Hill students marched across campus Wednesday night to bring attention to a troubling issue on campus.

The event called  “Change the Night” was aimed at raising awareness of sexual assaults on campus.

Student a capella groups first performed on campus in The Pit before marching.

Then, holding their signs  and with phones lighting the way, students at UNC marched through the campus.

“Sexual assault is such a huge problem on college campuses, and UNC is no exception,” said Margo Davison.

Freshman Margo Davison wanted the community to come together.

“I think a lot about the fact that I live and go to school and study somewhere I don’t particularly feel safe at all the time,” said Ash Heffernan, a UNC sophomore.

National attention was focused on the university in September when sophomore Delaney Robinson came forward.

She accused a football player, Allen Artis, of sexually assaulting her this winter.

He’s denied the allegations.

Though the case is still unfolding, students say it’s had an impact on campus.

“In classroom settings, the conversation has been a little bit more heavy than it was before, just to try to raise awareness,” said Alexis Hinnant, a UNC sophomore

But, the case has brought renewed attention to the issue.

“I don’t think it’s just a UNC thing. I think it’s everywhere really, not even just on college campuses,” ,” Heffernan said.

“It’s really alarming how frequent it is. The statistics say one in four college-age women will be sexually assaulted,” said William Laney, a volunteer with the Orange County Rape Crisis Center.

More than 100 students took part in Wednesday night’s event.

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