Team Rubicon helps Hurricane Matthew victims in Goldsboro

GOLDSBORO, N.C. (WNCN) – Since Hurricane Matthew’s flood waters consumed so much of North Carolina, many groups have reached out to help those affected.

Team Rubicon is a national non-profit made up of mostly veterans.

They’ve responded to multiple areas along the east coast after hurricane Matthew, including Goldsboro.

CBS North Carolina caught up with them on day 20 of their response.

“You’re tired, you’re sweaty, and you’re thinking, ‘why am I doing this?’ But at the end of it all you’re always smiling, you’re always happy,” said Rubicon member and veteran Joel Vail.

“You look around and think, ‘I can make a difference, and I want to, and I can’t wait,’” said fellow team member and veteran Dominick Torres.

Vail and Torres are part of the fourth wave of Team Rubicon members to go to work in Goldsboro.

The national non-profit has been operating out of the Wayne County Fairgrounds for 20 days, coordinating crews and looking for more people to help.

“The devastation was more than most people probably understand or expect,” said Vail.

They’ve helped nearly 70 families so far, and they’re doing it all for free.

“They just helped clean up and did everything they could,” said Prayong Truesdell, whose home was flooded with feet of water.

“I was just hopeless. I just prayed, ‘God, send somebody to come in.’ The next day Team Rubicon came over. I was overwhelmed. I was just crying, happy to see them,” said Truesdell.

Truesdell is a widow of a Vietnam veteran and she says the veterans with Team Rubicon will never be forgotten.

“Every time I think about them I say, ‘Thank God that the team is here to help me,’” said Truesdell.

Anyone can be a member of Team Rubicon. Click here to learn how you can help.

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