Undocumented UNC students wary of President-elect Donald Trump

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. (WNCN) — With Donald Trump’s presidency looming, undocumented students at the University of North Carolina are afraid of the unknown.

Rubi Franco Quiroz, a UNC student in Chapel Hill, was born in Mexico. Her family moved here nearly 15 years ago, looking for a better life, she said.

Trump’s rhetoric on the campaign trail about deporting illegal immigrants only stoked her fear that she would be sent to Mexico, she said.

“I’ve lived with that fear every day since we came here already, and so now that fear has been awakened even more,” she said.

She added: “It hurts, and I feel like there’s a big void in my heart that people would allow this to happen. That we would get a president that has so much hatred towards so many marginalized groups and communities.”

Undocumented students and their allies want the university to become a sanctuary from the fear of deportation.

“To me, the analogy I have in my head is sort of getting ready for a hurricane,” said Gaby Aleman, who identified herself as an ally of undocumented students. “You do all you can with your home, with the windows, boarding everything up to make the biggest defense possible for the next four years and kind of taking it as it comes.”

The school sent an email to students Wednesday, reinforcing its commitment to keeping UNC welcoming to students from a wide range of backgrounds.

Franco Quiroz said no matter how much preparation happens, she’ll still be afraid.

“We’ve had presidents before where people don’t like the outcome,” she said. “But you’ve never had a president before where people are afraid.”

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