Fayetteville students raise money to build school during senior trip to Africa

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) — Students at Fayetteville Christian School are working hard to attend their senior trip and, at the same time, help those in need.

On Sunday, the school held a holiday fair to help raise money for the trip.

The senior trip is an effort to ensure that once Fayetteville Christian students graduate from high school, they understand the importance of service.

Over the last several months, Fayetteville Christian students have held several fundraisers for their senior class mission trip.

Sunday’s holiday fair was another event to help bring in the cash.

Early next year, 40 seniors plan to travel to Swaziland Africa.

Fayetteville Christian students hope to raise $20,000 to build a school there.

Nearly half of Swaziland’s population is below the poverty line.

“Knowing how much in my average day I take for granted and that they go without is very amazing. They don’t complain and all those things they can’t have, so being able to travel and cook for them, build a building for them, do all these things – it’s just amazing,” said Jaylen Green, a senior at Fayetteville Christian.

So far, through various donations and other events, the school has raised more than $12,000.

The senior trip to Africa is planned for February.

Click here for more about the planned school and how to donate.

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