NC Board of Elections schedules hearing to guide county boards

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – The North Carolina State Board of Elections voted to hold a hearing on Tuesday at 10 a.m. to establish uniform legal guidance for the local boards to use when considering election protests.

The unanimous vote happened during an emergency teleconference meeting on Sunday.

Governor Pat McCrory’s campaign manager asked the board on Friday to take jurisdiction over all existing county protests, but the board decided against that. The board did take jurisdiction over a Bladen County protest where state investigators are looking into absentee voting allegations.

A board spokesman says the board is expected on Tuesday to issue a legal guidance on questions of law related to three types of protests counties received. These protests are about deceased voters, voters who are active felons and same day registration issues.

Over 50 protests have been filed in over two dozen counties. A few protests have already been dismissed including one in Durham County.

This guidance issued Tuesday could be decided to apply retroactively for counties.

The board is asking those interested in talking to the board on Tuesday to submit in writing their request. The board expects that legal counsel for Gov. Pat McCrory and Roy Cooper will sign up to speak. County boards are being notified about the meeting should they wish to send someone to attend.

The board also set up a public portal for people to submit their comments online here.

The location for Tuesday’s hearing will be decided on Monday.

The board also unanimously decided to seek outside legal counsel if the election results issue leads to a lawsuit.

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