Durham elections officials decide one protest to results should be examined

The Durham County Board of Elections on Tuesday, Election Day, discussing how long to keep a certain polling place open past the 7:30 planned closure. Photo by Derrick Lewis/CBS North Carolina

DURHAM, N.C. (WNCN) — Tuesday afternoon, election officials in Durham will take a closer look at an issue raised by supporters of Governor Pat McCrory.

The county’s board of elections determined Monday night that one of four new protests to the election results deserves attention.

The issue deals with a discrepancy in the number of provisional ballots cast at a precinct and the reported total.

The head of the elections office says those numbers are not final and she’s still reconciling vote totals.

The board rejected two other protests regarding absentee ballots and a claim that some voters cast ballots in more than one state.

The board said there was no proof.

One of the voters accused of doing that talked to CBS North Carolina.

“I hope that in the future that if anything like this continues that there would be an expectation there would be both some proof presented and contact made with anybody who was listed,” said Lucia Foster of Durham.

There was a fourth issue the board looked at — a protest that seven felons improperly voted.

The board’s attorney investigated and found that four of those people indeed should not have voted.

But, the board is waiting to get guidance from the state Tuesday to determine what to do next.

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