NC family farm gears up for Thanksgiving rush at NC Farmers Market

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — If you still need to get items for your Thanksgiving dinner — consider buying local.

One Sampson County family works hard all season to provide the vegetables for your meal.

For the Lee family, it’s a family affair.

“We grew two different kinds of sweet potatoes this year — the Beauregard and the Asia,” said Kandi Knowles of Lee Farm.

The family from Newton Grove has a busy few days ahead, harvesting their 300 acre farm to sell produce for Thanksgiving.

“We got the frost on them where it hit the cabbage collards. As you can see that will make it super sweet,” Knowles said.

The family is trying to keep up with the demand of people ditching the grocery store aisles and making the North Carolina State Farmers Market in Raleigh their one stop shop.

“It’s fresh, clean farm to table,” said Michael Bailey of South Carolina.

From side dishes to the main course, farmers say it’s possible to create a farm-to-table dinner in one stop.

“They are cutting collards as fast as they can turnips, bringing anything they can get up here,” said Laura Penny of Penny’s Produce.

Shoppers at the N.C. Farmers’ Market agree.

“I always get the nice fresh greens here. They always have the best,” one customer said.

“It starts slow and then — bam — people are here getting ready for Thursday,” Penny said.

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