Thieves clean out elderly Ohio man’s bank account after swiping wallet from gym locker

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — Violated. That’s how a local elderly man describes feeling after someone cleared out his bank account. It happened while he was walking at a gym near Polaris. He said someone had been watching his every move.

These men are suspected of stealing from gym lockers (WCMH)
These men are suspected of stealing from gym lockers (WCMH)

Columbus police said two men robbed 78-year-old George Keller of every dime in his bank account Nov. 2.

“That put me out of business,” he said. “I had to put everything else on hold until I got that money figured out.”

Keller said he was walking with his wife at the Polaris LA Fitness, like he does every week, when someone got into his gym locker stealing his wallet.

“It was such an emotional experience for me.”

“He had $870 in the account and they took it all out and they did it within that couple hour period,” said his son, Craig Keller.

The twist is someone had stolen his padlock key while he was changing in the locker room.

“He had slipped it off of my key ring,” said George. Something he didn’t notice until it was too late.

“Pretty unsettling experience because you know pretty trusting guy never thinks about anything like that happening,” said Craig.

The crooks quickly used his cards, and cards stolen out of other peoples’ cars in the gym parking lot. They hit the Polaris area Best Buy store, CVS and Target.

As of Tuesday night, the men still hadn’t been identified.

Keller’s bank eventually reimbursed him all the money he lost.

WCMH reached out to LA Fitness for comment Monday and never got a response.

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