Community gathers to support family of Virginia-based sailor killed in Syria

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) – The community showed it’s support Sunday for a family who lost a husband and father on Thanksgiving.

 Senior Chief Scott Dayton. (U.S. Navy photo/Released) CLICK IMAGE TO ENLARGE
Senior Chief Scott Dayton. (U.S. Navy photo/Released) CLICK IMAGE TO ENLARGE

Virginia Beach-based military officer Scott Dayton was killed while fighting in Syria. Senior Chief Dayton was an explosives expert based in Virginia Beach. He died while part of Operation Inherent Resolve — the fight against ISIS.

Sunday morning, friends and family gathered at Locksley Arch in Virginia Beach to send his family off as they left to meet his body.

Mikel Manthey, who was at the send-off, says, “My dad actually worked with him in the same unit for a while and my dad was in the Navy for a long time and we understand that sacrifice.”

The 42-year-old Senior Chief joined the Navy 23 years ago. Among Dayton’s 19 awards are the Bronze Star and two Medals of Commendation. A hero to his country, his community and his family.

“When someone loses someone like this, it’s hard, and the family needs to know that people are there for them,” says Meghan McTernan, who lives nearby.

Hundreds of people gathered Sunday morning, including family, friends, first responders and even strangers.

Dayton in a photo from WAVY-TV
Dayton in a photo from WAVY-TV CLICK IMAGE TO ENLARGE

“Hopefully we can emotionally take care of them a little bit too,” says Barb Anderson. She was one of many who had never met Dayton, but wanted to show their support.

Her husband, Greg Anderson, says, “They really are patriots that care about the country and I think it shows in this military community.”

Senior Chief Dayton was the first American service member killed while fighting in against ISIS in Syria. An IED explosion on Thanksgiving brings an overseas fight right to our backyard.

“I think we have to always remember that people that are serving in the military are protecting all of us for our liberties and our freedoms,” says Greg Anderson.

“It’s very sobering to lose someone who sacrificed their life and to have someone taken from your family, from this community. It’s hard for everyone,” says McTernan.

A tough situation for everyone, as they waved their flags proudly and solemnly.

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