Raleigh NAACP event asks McCrory to concede governor’s race

Photo by Michael Hyland/CBS North Carolina

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — The North Carolina NAACP organized an event Monday evening that asks for Governor Pat McCrory to concede the governor’s race.

Supporters of McCrory have been filing protests in various counties trying to get some voters’ ballots tossed out in the race against North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper.

They’ve made allegations of fraud, such saying some people voted in more than one state or that convicted felons voted who should not have.

People at the NAACP event question the motivations of those efforts, pointing out some allegations have been brought up without evidence to back them up.

Leaders of the NAACP say the allegations by the McCrory campaign amount to an effort to “steal the election” in their words from Cooper.

“Although it was a close election, Cooper is the winner. McCrory needs to step back, do what he needs to do,” said Linda Willey of Manteo.

Here’s what the North Carolina Republican Party had to say in response to Monday’s NAACP event:

“That is one of the most nasty things, and it shows you what kind of people they are. What has been done here is to make sure every vote is counted,” said Dallas Woodhouse of the N.C. Republican Party

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